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Getting social security while living internationally is generally workable, though there are restrictions on receiving it in certain countries. If you are a green card holder and qualify for benefits you can receive social security benefits without issues. SSA will not usually withhold nonresident alien tax from your benefits. If, however, you have abandoned your U.S. resident status, you may be subject to withholding. If you live in a country that has an income tax treaty with the US (most – if not all European countries have this tax treaty) you are still not subject to withholding. The following offers more detail: International Programs – Nonresident Alien Tax Withholding (ssa.gov)  You can read more about federal income taxes and your social security benefits here – be sure to check out the Payments Abroad Screening Tool on that page. By answering a few questions, you can learn whether SSA should withhold nonresident alien tax from the Social Security benefits that are paid to you.