Our Investment Philosophy: Personalized, clear, and strategic

We believe in a long-term, steady, strategic approach to wealth building. We are pleased when clients’ portfolios appropriately track market movements and grow wealth over time, Aiding clients in day-to-day financial planning, we help people to make the most of their financial situations.


This means:

  • Managing money with a plan and a strategy

  • Staying disciplined with an appropriate asset mix; rebalancing when needed

    • Providing clarity and calm when emotions take over in volatile markets
    • Making sure each investment account is properly allocated with the risk level that matches the intended goal

We believe your money should grow according to your goals & values — not according to short-term trends.

Our philosophy is to invest in a sound and healthy asset allocation that is diversified according to the risk level appropriate for you. We often use a passive investment approach, achieved with index mutual funds and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds). This is a low-cost investment strategy, which ensures that the part of the process we can control — your costs — are minimized.

We also offer other investment options, such as Socially Responsible portfolios (which are mixed passive/active), and Dimensional  Fund Advisor portfolios.

Socially Responsible Portfolios

These types of portfolios — which allow you to make more intentional choices about what companies and industries your funds are invested in — are growing in popularity and we are happy to be able to offer these investment management solutions to our clients.​ It makes sense to put your money in a Socially Responsible portfolio when it matches your values and you wish to have more impact with your financial choices.