What’s a zoombomb? It’s basically the modern version of a party-crasher. Imagine that you’re giving a class, having a meeting or, whatever other thing it is you do on zoom, and all of a sudden someone (who you didn’t invite) starts drawing phallic symbols all over your pretty PowerPoint. Or (less dramatic) — you’ve started your meeting on time (because, you’re an on-time kind of person), and that guy whose name you never bothered to learn bursts into the meeting late (as usual), and has forgotten to turn down his heavy metal / country / rap music that is blaring the background. Even worse, he’s singing along. Kids are screaming, dogs are barking, the lawn is being cut… these are all things that happen in life, but they don’t need to happen on your zoom call. Avoid – unwanted noise, drawings, file transfers, and screen takeovers by following these recommendations… click here for the article and a download.